Nate's birthday

So Nate's birthday was...weeks ago. You know because I posted his interview on his birthday. That was simple though. The post was ready to go; I just filled in the answers that morning while he drank his juice. He ended up having 3 small parties, which I think was suitable, considering it was his 3rd birthday!

About 10 days before his birthday, we were at my sister's house. She (and family) wouldn't be able to come to where we were for Nate's actual birthday, so we got a small grocery store cake, some decorator icing, a #3 candle, and a toy fire truck. Rodgers and I had a meeting that afternoon, and when we got back, cake was ready and pizza ordered.

We had cake before pizza. My kids have never eaten their birthday cakes well because they enjoy their birthday meals so much. This time, I decided: eat dessert first.

That's binoculars - one of his very favorite birthday gifts.

On Nate's actual birthday, we didn't do much at all. We were at my brother's house, and it snowed! I had been hoping that the boys would get some snow while we were in TX, but you know it doesn't snow regularly in TX. They had sooo much fun playing out there! At lunchtime, I had been planning to make frosting-less chocolate cupcakes, but found Betty Crocker's cakey brownies recipe in one of my sister-in-law's cookbooks. So we had brownie bites, decorated by Nate (and I helped).

THEN, the moment we were all waiting for. The day after Nate's birthday, we went to a FIRE STATION. Frisco's Fire Safety Town, actually, but the kids got to play on a fire truck, which was what Nate wanted for his birthday. We finished a bit early, so Gigi suggested that we get some ice cream!

Turning the emergency lights on and off.

The jaws of life, one of his favorites.


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