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It's no big secret that I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day (click that link - it's pretty funny). It's been several years since I was alone on Valentine's Day, but still. I make my husband heart shaped egg-in-toast all the time. Why have a holiday for this? I have no idea. I find it silly and unnecessary.

Rodgers likes Valentine's Day. He's very sentimental like that. I think it disappoints him a little that I'm not more festive, so I make an effort for him. I'm ok with using the holiday as an excuse for a date because I love going on dates with Rodgers, but the date won't be on February 14. We always have to schedule for a more convenient time. Really it's a normal date, which we do when we can anyway.

My favorite Valentine's Day by far was 2011, which I don't think I blogged about because it was still a secret. We had not yet told anyone that I was pregnant with Ben. My first doctor appointment was the week before Valentine's Day (at 8 weeks pregnant). Rodgers was working the 3 pm - 11 pm shift then, and he worked every weekend. I was unemployed at the time. Thus, Nate was not in daycare. We used Rodgers' work schedule + Valentine's Day as an excuse for the babysitter. Rodgers could go with me to my first appointment, and we could have a lunch date.

They always do an ultrasound that first appointment, and I wanted Rodgers to be there to see the baby with me. Then we headed to CVS, with my treasured Zofran prescription. As we waited, we picked out Valentine's cards for each other, exchanged them, read  them, and put them back on the rack. We grabbed some snacks (which we did actually purchase, unlike the cards). I had Dove dark chocolate. After I took my meds, we went out to lunch together, where I was able to eat a full meal for the first time in two weeks. I didn't even feel like puking, thanks to the Zofran, and that was oh, so romantic.


  1. It really is the little things that make great memories.


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