lunchbox, with insert and matching water bottle
In Kenya, kindergarten is 3 years, encompassing what in TX would be preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. Kids start KG 1 at age 3. Nate turned 3 in January. Thus, when we got back from TX, he started school. He was very, very excited to start school. After a week and 2 days of school, he isn't so excited about it! Every day, he tells me that he misses me. :(

School is 7:30 am - 4 pm. We originally planned on him eating the lunch provided by the school. However, I was worried that he wouldn't eat, that he would have a horrible time because he was hungry, etc. They have tea break at 10 am, when they serve porridge, which he won't eat, so I pack him a snack as well as lunch. They don't have clean drinking water at school, so he has a water bottle that matches his lunchbox. Too bad I didn't think about snack when we were buying this. I think they had small snack containers in the same theme...

Nate's snack and lunch for tomorrow, minus the sandwich. I'll make that in the morning.
I have pinned lists of little kid lunchbox ideas, but he's 3. He wants to eat the same thing for lunch every day. He loves having the same lunch every day. Some days for supper, he requests lunch, meaning a peanut butter and honey sandwich, fruit, and chips or pretzels. I'm glad there aren't so many food allergies here, so we don't have to worry about a peanut-free school! Packing his favorite meal makes school so much better for him. He gets excited when I put his lunchbox in his backpack in the mornings.

As with all Kenyan schools, he has a uniform. They have one uniform they wear on Mon-Wed-Fri. On Tue-Thu they have P.E., so they wear a P.E. uniform. It's white. White canvas shoes and white shorts. They come home reddish brown. He loves his school clothes, even the tie. How cute is he?!

MWF uniform. He has a school badge on the pocket of the shirt now.
TTh uniform. He didn't have his shirt yet. It's a red T-shirt with the school badge screen printed on it.


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