best of 2013

A photo summary of our year

January in Texas
Nate loved his firetruck birthday cake
February - first day of school
March was hot. It's usually the hottest month of the year on the coast of Kenya.
They were either looking at the moon or watching an airplane.
They love millipedes. The one they are watching here is actually rather small.
April, at our new house, before it was ready for us to move in
May, we moved to Kilifi. This dining set was Rodgers' birthday gift. He fell in love with the wood.
Mother's Day - they both miraculously ate everything that was served. It was the start of a new trend! 
a trip to Haller Park in June
July - our first outing without diapers
At the beach in Kilifi
August - watching the waves in Malindi
Ben cuddling Grandma after getting in trouble
September - Ben considers his birthday cake
Kilifi beach again. Nate and Ben would wait until the waves came in, then make a run for it. They are a little afraid of the water.
At Grandma's house in October
Nate dips chicken in soup. He was such a picky eater in 2012, he has really amazed me this year by eating so many different things.
Also at Grandma's house
November - putting up the Christmas tree
Trying out the top bunk in our room at a guest house during our trip to the Great Rift Valley. I told them they have to be 6 years old to sleep up there, though.
In December, we had a big party for our MKKs. Of the 30 MKKs we now sponsor, 22 were able to come to the party.
Rodgers' mom had a big party to publicly thank God for healing her of a major illness a few years ago. Here she is surrounded by her kids and grandkids.
We moved again, just a few houses up the street, to a place with a house for us and a duplex we can use as Maisha Kamili Transition Homes (a few details about that here).
Our housekeeper left us to get married. We decided to get a washing machine for my birthday/Christmas gift instead of hiring a new housekeeper.
As always, we end the year celebrating Emmanuel, God with us.
Here's our play Nativity before the boys tore it up by playing with it so much.
Merry Christmas!


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